Singapore’s 6 Best Spots For an Instagram Photoshoot

As mentioned in my last blog, (7 Things to Do and See in Singapore) Singapore is a vibrant and unique place that should be on everyone’s travel bucket list. My favorite thing about traveling is capturing moments through pictures. When I went to Singapore earlier this year, there were so many places I could have taken pictures of. Because there is so much to see and capture, I came up with a list of the BEST Instagram spots of Singapore.

1 ) Gardens By The Bay

PC: Duy Nguyen

Gardens by the Bay is a magical place that looks like it comes from an Avatar movie. With the Marina Bay Sands in the background and the light shows at night, getting a picture at Gardens by the Bay will add color and luminance to your Instagram Feed. Gardens by the Bay can get busy! To get the most out of your picture without having to photoshop people out, arrive at Gardens by the Bay early in the morning before it opens. You will still be able to take pictures with the super trees and there will be no one in the background. If you are waiting to capture a picture of the trees during the light show, you may have to get a little more creative!

2 ) Cloud Forest

Stay in the same area of Gardens by the Bay and walk over to Cloud Forest. Cloud Forest offers a wide variety of vegetation (over 250,000 species of plants) that will give you shots with vibrant colors of green. The main attraction of Cloud Forest is the indoor waterfall. This waterfall is currently the largest indoor waterfall and is around 100 feet tall. You will have to pay around $20 to enter Cloud Forest, but by looking at this picture, don’t you think it’s worth it?

3 ) ArtScience Museum

Boy am I kicking myself for not visiting the ArtScience Museum when I was in Singapore! I went to Singapore with a group for class credits. When you go with a group, you do have to compromise when deciding how you will spend your days. If I would have known they had a Titanic exhibit, I would have easily gone alone. A girl in my group did go to the ArtScience Museum, and she got a picture in this beautiful light up room. If you are looking to add vibrance to your Instagram feed, this is it. As far as pricing goes, you are able to pay less to go to certain exhibits. I believe the cheapest price is 14 SGD.

4 ) Koon Seng Road

PC: Amos Lee

Does your Instagram feed have a more pastel look to it? Head your way over to Koon Seng Road just 8 minutes away from the Marina Bay Sands. I recommend researching the history behind this road to make the most out of this drive. After all, traveling is all about learning, not just Instagram! As far as attractions, there is not much else to do on this road then snap a few pictures. But if you’ve ever been to Singapore, you know there is shopping on every corner. I am sure you can find some cute stores afterwards just by walking a few hundred feet.

5 ) Chinese Gardens

If you are going to hit the Chinese Gardens, might as well visit the Japanese Gardens as they are right next to each other. These gardens offer the true feeling of tranquility. Whether you are going to snap pictures, or just going to visit, The Chinese Gardens can give you a little escape from the hustle and bustle of Singapore. The architecture in these gardens are a complete contrast of the architecture you will see in the city. Singapore is known for its modern and unique architecture, while the Chinese and Japanese gardens offer architecture modeled from the 5th century. Posting pictures in these gardens on Instagram will give you the perfect opportunity to teach your audience the history behind it.

6 ) Changi Airport

PC: Darren Nunis

Okay, here me out on this. Most people arrive to the airport a little too early, have layovers, or have delays. Use that time for an Instagram photo shoot! Changi Airport is voted the best airport in the world. Here’s why: there’s a waterfall, a butterfly garden, a sunflower garden, a hedge maze, and more! You can easily fill up your Instagram feed for a whole month just by doing a photo shoot during your layover and using the different outfits in your luggage. Seriously, don’t discount a Changi Airport photo shoot, just look at the photos under the #changiairport tag on Instagram!

Where are your favorite spots in Singapore? Do you have awesome Instagram photos you’ve taken there? Leave your Instagram handle in the comments so I can check it out!

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