The Top SIX Best Instagram Spots of Tahoe

Lake Tahoe, also known as “Big Blue,” is labeled as one of the most beautiful lakes in the WORLD. The breathtaking views that the Lake Tahoe area has to offer are endless. When visiting, you will have never ending opportunities to get THE picture to add to your Instagram feed. Below, I have listed SIX places that you absolutely have to get a picture of when visiting Tahoe.

1) Sand Harbor

Instagram: @giannapiranha

Sand Harbor is probably the most photographed section of Tahoe, and by looking at the picture above, there is no wonder why. When pulling up to Sand Harbor, you can already see the different hues of blues and aquas that make up the water. This makes it a perfect picture to add some color to your instagram feed. Along with the breathtaking water, there are smooth gray stones in the lake that give the beach a unique, and beautiful look. A fee is required to park in at Sand Harbor, but if you just go a little South of the parking area, you will see cars parked along the highway. This is free parking, but make sure to bring tennis shoes to walk down a semi steep hill to get to the beach area.

2) Cave Rock

Instagram: @giannapiranha

Cave Rock can be a little bit confusing to find. I recommend downloading the AllTrails App to get directions (click the link to get the directions). But once you find it, it is only a one mile climb on the rocks (kid friendly). Even if it was several miles long, it would still be worth it. After the climb, you are surrounded by a beautiful bird’s eye view of Lake Tahoe, the trees, the mountains, and the highway below you. I would say this is absolutely the best view of Tahoe.

3) Rifle Peak

Rifle Peak, Incline Village

Rifle Peak is a beautiful hike in Incline Village, Nevada. The directions to get to this hiking trail are also on the AllTrails app, the link will be provided here. This is an unedited image of the Rifle Peak Hike, and it is absolutely stunning. What makes it amazing is not only the lake views, but the beautiful and unique vegetation as well. The hike can be a little tiring, but the views make this hike especially worth it.

4) Monkey Rock

Now monkey rock is somewhere I have never been (this is why there is no picture provided), but it is on my bucket list. Click here to see what monkey rock is (you won’t have to guess why it is called that). Monkey Rock is about a 2.5 mile hike in Incline Village, Nevada that is rated moderate. Once you hike up the trail, you get gorgeous views of Lake Tahoe and a carved monkey rock. What more can you need to make your feed a little more interesting with mountain art? AllTrails map provided here.

5) Donner Lake Swing

Okay bear with me. Donner Lake is not Tahoe. But, it is 40 minutes away from Lake Tahoe and I believe getting a picture at the Donner Lake Swing is well worth the drive. To see a picture (because, again, it is on my bucket list) click here. I couldn’t find any directions to get to this spot, so I had to ask someone on Instagram that had this picture (a little stalkerish, I know). This is the best description I got:

I hope this helps, and I will be sure to provide a description when I make my way to the Donner Lake Swing.

6) Emerald Bay

Photo Credit: Jesse Gardner

Emerald Bay is located in Southwest Lake Tahoe. It is a beautiful bay with a tiny island in the middle, waterfalls, and a historic mansion. Drone lovers: right next to Emerald Bay is a separate lake called Eagle Lake. If you get a birds eye view image, you will be able to catch Eagle lake and Lake Tahoe! The historic mansion is called Vikingsholm. Vikingsholm is a 38 room mansion built in 1929 with Scandinavian architecture and is open for tours in the summer. The mansion provides interesting visuals that you will be sure to want to snap a picture of. All I can say is, if you only have time to see one part of Lake Tahoe, Emerald Bay will give you the most to see in a short amount of time. With the island, the beach, the surrounding lakes, the waterfalls, AND the historic mansion, there is plenty to see here.

Lake Tahoe itself and the areas surrounding Lake Tahoe are absolutely amazing! I provided my top 6 Instagram-worthy areas of Tahoe (although isn’t it all Instagram worthy?) but there is much more to explore! What are your favorite spots of Tahoe? Leave a comment below. Make sure to follow my blog and Instagram to see my future adventures. 🙂

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